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Solidsport launches Streaming School.

Welcome to Solidsport Streaming School
A five-part school that focuses on live broadcast on Solidsport and the live broadcast app Solidsport Broadcast.

The purpose of Streaming School is to help you become good at broadcasting and taking maximum advantage of Solidsport. Both in terms of the functionality that exists but also the possibility to make money for the team.

Before you go through the different parts of Streaming School we want to give you a brief introduction to Solidsport and how the service works using the video below.

Now that you’ve seen the introductory video. We will throw ourselves right into the Streaming School by going through the different parts.

Overview and deepening
The first part of the Streaming School gives an overview of the entire platform and describes how to succeed with your streaming. Other parts gives detailed information with tips and advice on how a team can get the team fund to grow properly with the help of Solidsport.

Ask us if there’s anything you don’t understand
If you have any questions or concerns when you go through the different parts, please contact us at support@solidsport.com we will get back to you and answer your questions as soon as we can.

The Streaming School consists of the following parts

Part 1 – How to get started with Solidsport

Part 2 – The main features of Solidsport

Part 3 – Get the most out of Solidsport Broadcast

Part 4 – How to max out your live stream

Part 5 – How to make money for the team

If your team has no channel, activate the team on Solidsport today.