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Solidsport launches Streaming School.

Welcome to Solidsport Streaming School
Here you will find our five-part school on how to start broadcasting and create new revenue to the team on Solidsport and with the live broadcast app Solidsport Broadcast.

Does your club want to activate multiple teams on Solidsport? Then you can read more about how to activate all teams using our club solution on the link here.

The purpose of Streaming School is to help you become good at broadcasting and taking maximum advantage of Solidsport. Both in terms of the functionality that exists but also the possibility to make money for the team.

Become an live streaming expert

With the help of our Streaming School you will in five parts get to learn everything needed to make good live broadcasts and maximize the team’s revenue. The first part of Streaming School gives you a good overview of what Solidsport contains and how you succeed with your broadcasts. The second part contains more deeply information on how to produce a good broadcast and  then ends with tips on how to maximize revenue on your team channel.

Need help?

If you have any questions or concerns when you go through the different parts, please contact us at support@solidsport.com. We will get back to you and answer your questions as soon as we can.

The Streaming School consists of the following parts

Part 1 – How to get started with Solidsport

Part 2 – The main features of Solidsport

Part 3 – Get the most out of Solidsport Broadcast

Part 4 – How to max out your live stream

Part 5 – How to make money for the team

If your team has no channel, activate the team on Solidsport today.