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How to make money for the team

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Solidsport is a great way to broadcast games and at the same team make money to the team. Since the start Solidsport has generated more than 4 000 000€ in income for all clubs and teams using the platform. The money comes in either through unit purchases or through parents becoming monthly supporters.

However, to start generating money for the team with Solidsport requires a little effort. First of all you have to deliver good broadcasts that we went through in the previous parts of the Streaming School. Secondly, you have to succeed in reaching out with the information that your games will be broadcasted. If you succeed in this you will have great opportunities to be successful and see the money roll in to your team channel.

This is the last part of the Streaming School. Before you go through our practical advice on how to increase the team’s income we want to wish you good luck and hope that the broadcasts goes well. And remember, if you have any questions it is always good to email support@solidsport.com. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Inform about your broadcasts
Back to the practical tips. In order for someone to be able to find your broadcasts you must tell your suppporters that you are broadcasting. Start by thinking answering this question; who might be interested in watching your games?

Who is your audience?
We believe that parents, grandparents and other relatives to the players and leaders in the team have a great interest in being able to watch your games. These are the ones you should focus on informing in the first place.

Don’t forget the opposing team
We also believe that the opposing team’s parents and relatives are interested in being able to see when you play against that team, so do not forget to inform them. It will help you make money for the team. Usually it is enough that you send an email to a leader of the opposing team with information that you are sending the upcoming match and ask them to spread the link to the match.

Good information channels
How do you reach out with this information? It’s advisable that you use the information channels that you normally use. Surely you have a website, use social media, email or apps to communicate about your broadcasts.

Inform about your channel
As soon as you have activated your Solidsport channel and posted the first game you need to send out information on how to find the channel. Make sure to share the information on your website, preferably in a fixed place at the top of the website. That will make it easy for your followers to always find your Solidsport channel in a simple way.

Next game
Do you know that you are going to broadcast a game? Then it’s time to inform about this as soon as possible. Do you know that you will broadcast all games throughout the season? Feel free to post them on your channel at once. Do you want help with importing games, email support@solidsport.com and then we will help our as best as we can. When it’s time for the match, feel free to go out with a reminder the day before or the same day as the game takes place.

Get followers on your channel
Monthly supporters give you current income to the team or club and monthly supporters are probably one of your most loyal supporters. Then of course others may also be interested in following your team and buying games from time to time. Due to this, each channel has a follow function. Encourage everyone on the team, their parents and relatives to follow your Solidsport channel. All followers receive an email and notifications from the Solidsport App every time you publish new content on your channel. Completely automatically. It is also an important key for you to make money for the team.

Present the Solidsport app
Solidsport has a viewer app that makes it even easier to follow your team. Make sure to tell your users to download the Solidsport app. Everyone who follows will receive a notice every time something new happens on your channel. The Solidsport app is available for download as well App Store and Google Play for free.


Below you can see suggestions for texts you can use when you communicate with parents or the team you meet in your next match.

Example of email sent to the opposing team

Subject: Live broadcast of tomorrow’s match on the Home Team’s IP


On Saturday 15 April at 9.00 we play a game that will be broadcasted. We welcome players and leaders but hope that parents and relatives respect the ban on not seeing the game on site.

We instead offer you the opportunity to watch the match online on our Solidsport channel: Link to channel

Do you also want to make it possible for parents and relatives to follow your games at a distance.

Best wishes,
Your team name

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