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How to produce a great live stream

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Good preparation is key for a good broadcast
Before you’re going to broadcast a game, there are a few things that are extra important to consider. Firstly, be prepared and prepare the device you’re going to broadcast with. Feel free to start the broadcast before the stream goes online to the viewers. In the admin section you can see the picture before it goes online to thoose who are watching. Just select the “Live” menu item and then the correct broadcast.

Ensure you have a good internet connection
To make sure you will produce a good broadcast you need a good connection. Broadcasting outdoor games works well with a good 4G connection on your phone or tablet. 4G can be more uncertain when broadcasting indoor games. Then wireless Wifi is a much better option. We recommend a stable connection of at least 5/mbit to send with although it can work with 2-3 mbit as well. Feel free to test your connection using Bredbandskollen.se

Prepare the device you are broadcasting with
Even the device you are going to broadcast with needs to be prepared. Make sure the battery is fully charged and also check that you have enough mobile data left. One broadcast that is one hour takes about 1GB of data if you are transmitting in “Medium” quality. If you send in high quality it takes almost twice as much data.
Turn off locked rotation mode if you have this enabled so that the image does not freeze in portrait mode even though you are broadcasting horizontal mode. Also activate “Do Not Disturb” if you are broadcasting with a mobile phone so that the broadcast does not break if someone calls.

Tripod is recommended
To get a good filming we recommend that you have a tripod with a holder for mobile or tablet. It works without as well but with the help of a tripod it will be much easier to broadcast for the filmer and viewers get to see a steadier picture.

Good placement when shooting
The location you stand at when you broadcast is important and you should always strive to be at the center of the pitch when shooting. Try to find the center line of the pitch and stand there to film.

Also make sure you are standing in a place where possible audience does not end up in front of the camera.

Coming up from the pitch is always an advantage and gives a better overview of the game. A grandstand or platform could be a good position to broadcast from. Standing on a stool or table can be another way to get up a bit from ground level. Below you will see a creative solution to come up a bit from the field.

Think about how to place the camera to best capture so much of the plan. Photo: Stuvsta IF

Think of the sun
If you broadcast outdoors it’s important to think about where the sunlight comes from. You’d rather have the sun in your back when shooting. Filming in backlight usually gives viewers a very dark picture.

Use zoom but not too much
If you’re far from the field or is it a very big field to shoot, such as a 11-a-side football game, you should use the zoom slider in the app. You’ll find the zoom slider under the square in the lower-left corner of the app. Make sure to check your zoom settings before the game starts.

Position yourself in the middle of the pitch, turn the camera towards one goal and zoom in so much that you get close enough to the target but make sure you don’t zoom in so much that the image gets grainy and you’ll have trouble following the game when players are closer to the camera. Leave the zoom below the broadcast itself, adjust only if you feel too close or far away during longer game sequences.

You decide what viewers will hear
Keep in mind that everything you say is heard well for viewers when you broadcast. Feel free to comment on the game and offer entertainment but avoid talking about things that don’t add anything to the broadcast.

Our most important tip
Before we finish this part of the streaming school we recommend that you take part of this video that summarizes and shows what we described above. But before you start the video we want to give you the most important tip to get a good broadcast. Always keep in mind following the game through the screen of the device you use when broadcasting. Doing so ensures that viewers see the same thing you see while shooting. Instead, if you follow the game without looking at the screen there is a high risk that it will be a bad experience for viewers.

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