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How to get started with Solidsport

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Solidsport is the home of live streamed sports. On all levels. Everywhere. By this we mean that the platform contains all functionality to suit sport streaming the best way. Below we list some examples.


When you create a live stream, you always start by creating a game and entering information about the game that you want to broadcast. The team logos will then be viewable and the team shortenings are also visible in the scoreboard. If not, please contact support@solidsport.com with your team logo attached to get your club verified. Once the game is created you need to activate the live stream itself.

Read and see more about how to create games and activate live streams in our upcoming course “The main features of Solidsport”.

Game graphics and analysis

When you broadcast with Solidsport Broadcast you can also monitor the graphics in during the broadcast. Meaning that the filmer also controls clock, goals and period. At the end of the game you can analyze it afterwards and cut out specific game sequences for review with individual players or the entire team.

Highlights feature

One of the most appreciated features on Solidsport is the possibility to create highlights during a broadcast. This can be done with a simple push of a button when a highlight occurs. You can read more about that in the next parts of the Streaming School.

Unlimited storage

Everything that the team broadcasts live is recorded. You can also upload videos, which can be anything from interviews and player presentations to exercises and much more. Storage is unlimited and all content is saved for as long as you want. Meaning, your channel quickly becomes a fantastic video archive that preserves wonderful memories for life.

Completely free

Solidsport is completely free to use for all teams and club that want to broadcast their games. However, it costs money for those who want to watch. Money that will be a good welcome revenue for the team or club that are broadcasting.

Solidsport have so far generated revenues of more than 5 million euro to the teams and clubs using our platform. A team on Solidsport can easily earn 1000€ during a season. All you have to do is to start streaming and inform parents, relatives and the opposing team about your broadcasts.

Monthly supporters

The games can be bought individually but we recommend all teams to encourage the viewers to become Monthly Supporters on the team channel. As a Monthly Supporter you get access to all content on the channel at a fixed monthly fee.

Easy for all viewers and good for the team that gets a running revenue every month. Money that goes straight back to the broadcasting team or club.

So what do you need to broadcast?

  1. Before you can start broadcasting you need to activate your team on Solidsport. Do that for free on this link solidsport.com/join 
  2. To start broadcasting you also need a mobile phone with internet connection. But a tablet works just as well. 
  3. To get a better picture we recommend using a tripod. However, this is not a requirement but the picture becomes more stable and your viewers will be much happier. 
  4. To broadcast you also need to download our Solidsport Broadcast App. Download it for free on the App Store or Google Play. 
  5. Now you are all set to start creating games you want to broadcast and then inform all relatives, parents and the opposing team about your upcoming broadcasts. Otherwise it will be hard for your fans to find your channel and broadcasts.

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Don’t have a team channel yet? Activate the team on Solidsport today.