International top flight hockey in August.
SolidSport, in a cooperation with Telia Finland, will broadcast live when the Liiga-, SHL- and KHL clubs are getting ready for the season.
– Never before have fans been able to watch this amount of preseason games, and that is very cool, says Solidsports Country Manager Sauli Silvonen.
The first game – between Finnish champions HPK and Russian Sibir Novosibirsk – will be played on tuesday, August 6.

Hockey teams with plenty of star quality from Finland, Sweden and Russia will join SolidSport’s wide range during the last month of summer of 2019.

A total of 29 preseason Liiga-matches will be broadcasted live on SolidSport and among the teams that are playing are Finnish HPK and their final opponent Kärpät, SHL-clubs Växjö Lakers and Luleå Hockey – and Vitjaz and Sibir Novosibirsk from the KHL.

Included among the games are the Bauer Tournament in Imatra and Decens Cup in Tampere.

Expect interesting matchups when rosters take shape and follow the preparations with your favorite players.

For the devoted supporter these are games you should not miss.

Now you are able to watch your team’s away games without any trouble too, and you don’t have to miss anything of the preparations for the season. Together with Telia Finland, that will broadcast another 20 games, we will take pre season hockey to more fans than ever before, says Sauli Silvonen.

The first game on SolidSport – between Finnish champions HPK and Russian Sibir – will be played on Tuesday, August 6.

Game Schedule

Here is a list with links to all live broadcasts from Liiga preseason games on Solidsport.

Ti 6.8. HPK – Sibir

Ke 7.8. Jukurit – Kalpa

To 8.8. JYP – Sport

Pe 9.8. Kalpa – Kärpät

Pe 9.8. Decens Cup Tampere: Turnaus SaiPa – HIFK

Pe 9.8. Decens Cup Tampere: Turnaus Ilves – Tappara

La 10.8. Decens Cup Tampere Turnaus: Tappara – HIFK/SaiPa

La 10.8. Decens Cup Tampere Turnaus: Ilves – HIFK/SaiPa

La 10.8. Ässät – Lukko

Ti 13.8.  Vitjaz – Pelicans

Ke 14.8. TPS – Sport

Pe 16.8. Kärpät – TPS

Pe 16.8. JYP – Kalpa

Pe 16.8.  Ilves – HPK

Ke 21.8. Tappara – Lukko

To 22.8. SaPKo – Jukurit

To 22.8. Lukko – Växjö

To 22.8. TPS – Ilves

La 24.8. Peliitat – Pelicans

Pe 23.8. Imatran turnaus: KooKoo – JYP

Pe 23.8. Imatran turnaus: SaiPa – Ketterä

La 24.8. Imatran turnaus: JYP – SaiPa

La 24.8. Imatran turnaus: Ketterä – Kookoo

Ti 27.8. Sport – JYP

Ke 4.9. KalPa – Jukurit

To 5.9. TPS – KooKoo

To 5.9. Ilves – Ässät

Pe 6.9. KalPa – Sport

Pe 6.9. HIFK – KooKoo