Tobias Thalbäck, CEO, and Solidsport have taken the first step into Norway after signing an agreement with the Norwegian Rugby Association.

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The largest streaming platform for live sports in Scandinavia continues to grow. With several broadcasting cooperations in Sweden, Finland and the Baltics and over 50,000 live games in 2019, Solidsport has now taken the first step into Norway. A three-year agreement has been signed with the Norwegian Rugby Association.

During this autumn, Solidsport has increased its growth at record speed in conjunction with the ongoing pandemic. The reason? The need of a streaming solution is bigger than ever for all sports, on all levels. Solidsport offers a free streaming solution for all teams and clubs, regardless of level, to broadcast live, charge for their games and create revenue from it. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and the Solidsport Broadcast app.

A model that has so far generated more than 5 million euro in revenue for sports in the Nordic and Baltic countries. This is thanks to successful collaborations with several leagues and sports assocations in Sweden, Finland and the Baltics. Today. Solidsport has over 5000 teams and clubs that broadcasts live and charge for their games.

First deal sgined in Norway: “Great potential”

Now the company is taking a first step into the next market – Norway.
Solidsport has signed a three-year agreement with the Norwegian Rugby Association.

– The Norwegian Rugby Association is happy to offer our members their own channel on Solidsport. That gives them a great oppertunity to broadcast their game live and at the same time create new revenue. We believe that this collaboration will mean a lot for the development of our sport and at the same time increase interest for rugby in Norway, says Anne Cathrine Røste, Secretary General of the Norwegian Rugby Association.

– Lately, we have seen a growing interest in Norway with more and more teams in handball, floorball and football who have found their way to Solidsport and started broadcasting their games. Therefore, it feels extra fun that we now have signed our first cooperation agreement with a sports association in Norway. It’s a market with very great potential and which we look forward to establish ourselves in the same way as we have already done in other markets, says Tobias Thalbäck, CEO of Solidsport.

The collaboration means above all that all games in the top league will be broadcast live. At the same time, the ambition is tat all Norwegian rugby will be broadcasted on Solidsport.

– We want to make Norwegian rugby available in a way that has never been done before and at the same time help the clubs to create new income with the help of live broadcasts. The concept is simple, each team broadcasts their games live on their own channels. Then they creates revenue by fans supporting the club and buying access to watch their games, Thalbäck concludes.

In addition to that, all games from the top league will also be available on Telia, co-owners of Solidsport, and on all their streaming platforms.

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